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Committees and Advisory Panel

Investment Committee of the Board

The Investment Committee is established by the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board in accordance with section 7 of Schedule 2 to the DPS Ordinance. It consists of the following members:

  • Mr Jack Cheung Tai-keung
  • Professor Chan Koon-hung
  • Mr Christopher Chan
  • Mrs Yvonne Law Shing Mo-han, BBS, JP
The terms of reference of the Investment Committee are:
  • to make recommendations on the investment policy and strategy in respect of the DPS Fund;
  • to monitor the investment performance of the DPS Fund and to establish proper risk management controls for the investment activities of the Board; and
  • to work on any other investment-related matters as determined from time to time by the Board.

Advisory Panel on Communication and Public Education

The Advisory Panel on Communication and Public Education (Advisory Panel) is established in accordance with section 7 of the DPSO to advise the Board on matters relating to the development and implementation of strategy in public relations, communication and community education. It consists of the following members:

  • Ms Connie Lau Yin-hing, SBS, JP
  • Mr Billie Lau Chung
  • Ms Esme Lau Mee-yee
  • Mr Fung Lap-wing

Consultative Committee on Deposit Protection Scheme

To keep the industry informed of the development of the DPS, the Board established a Consultative Committee on DPS ("the Committee") comprising 13 representatives of the banking industry. The Committee serves as a useful forum for the Board and the banking industry to exchange views on issues of common interest. The 13 banks included in the Committee are:

  • Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
  • The Bank of East Asia Limited
  • BNP Paribas, Hong Kong Branch
  • China CITIC Bank International Limited
  • Dah Sing Bank Limited
  • DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Hang Seng Bank Limited
  • The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, Hong Kong Branch
  • Mizuho Corporate Bank Limited, Hong Kong Branch
  • Nanyang Commercial Bank Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited


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