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The Scheme protects your eligible deposits held with banks in Hong Kong which are members of the Scheme. It will pay you compensation up to a limit of HK$500,000 if the bank with which you hold your eligible deposits fails.

Your eligible deposits are protected regardless of the currency in which the deposits are denominated. Eligible deposits include all types of ordinary deposits such as current accounts, savings accounts, secured deposits and time deposits with a maturity not exceeding five years. However, time deposits with a maturity longer than five years, structured deposits (such as foreign exchange linked and equity linked deposits), bearer instruments (such as bearer certificates of deposit) and offshore deposits are not protected by the Scheme.

Financial products other than deposits are not protected by the Scheme. For example, common investment products such as bonds, stocks, warrants, mutual funds, unit trusts and insurance policies are not protected by the Scheme.

The deposits held by certain types of depositors are not protected by the Scheme. These depositors include banks and persons connected to a Scheme member such as its related companies and senior management.

In summary, the following types of financial products are not protected by the DPS:
  • structured deposits
  • term deposits with a maturity exceeding 5 years
  • deposits the repayment of which are secured on the assets of the Scheme member
  • bearer instruments
  • off-shore deposits
  • deposits held for the account of the Exchange Fund
  • deposits held by an excluded person
  • financial products other than deposits

To find out whether your deposit is protected by the Scheme, please contact your bank or consult the information made available by it.

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