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Community Education Initiatives

Activities in 2012-2013

DPB Comic Design Competition

The Board, with the invaluable support of Fairwood Holdings Ltd., one of the largest fast food chains in Hong Kong with a total of more than 100 outlets, organised for the first time a comic design competition. Students of design schools and tertiary institutions were invited to participate and compete to design comics incorporating key DPS features. The Board also organised a sharing session for interested students with Mr Li Chi-tak, a renowned comic writer, acting as one of the competition judges.

The three winners were not only awarded with prizes but also had their winning comics printed on tablemats used at all Fairwood outlets to promote the Scheme. This initiative served the purpose of engaging students and arousing their interests to learn more about the DPS in their initial stage of participation; then of generating wider public awareness of the DPS comics through exposure at all outlets of Fairwood fast food chain.

Results of the competition:
Champion: Lau Kwong Ho (Hong Kong Design Institute)

1st Runner-up: Lau Yin Yee(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

2nd Runner-up: Luk Chee Wing Vivian(The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)

Winner of DPB Comic Design Compeition

‘Ensure Your Protection’ Roving Campaign

The Board held a series of community education events ‘Ensure Your Protection’ Roving Campaign in collaboration with Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting. The objective of the events is to increase public awareness of the DPS and to strengthen public understanding of the Scheme’s key features and benefits in an engaging way.

Each event featured a variety of interactive elements for audiences of all ages, such as an on-stage drama presented by popular radio actors from “Block C, 18 Floor” to introduce the Board’s mission and details of the Scheme. Besides, there were educational game booths, designed to present scheme features and currency protection messages, photo standees costumed as buns, and information panels to equip the public with a basic understanding of the Scheme.

The Prize Presentation Ceremony of the DPB Comic Design Competition was held during the 4th community education event. The short but memorable ceremony was officiated by Mrs Pamela Chan, Chairperson of the Board, and with judges of the competition, Mr Chan Chee Shing, CEO of Fairwood and Mr Lee Chi Tak, famous comic illustrator as Guests of Honour. Winners of the competition, including the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and Outstanding Awardees received their prizes in the Ceremony.


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